Thursday, February 11, 2010

Susie Mudd-Mid Atlantic Music News, The Red Rocker Review

Urban Funk’s debut CD is why I am so determined to get my words heard, so I can spread the word out about our music. “Heroes and Legends” is easily one of the best pieces of music I have ever heard. There is nothing really bad about this release. The best of the best are in this group. These creative energies have created the masterful release. Heroes and Legends were born by the love of the saxophone. Probably, that is one of the reasons (our) Music keeps me dreaming of getting my energy and spirit back, and Music Monthly (albeit) with a new name. Heroes and Legends is brilliant. Title tells it all, and when you hear the best we have lay down tracks and create magic. On the disc are Steve Long, Wayne Sulc, Jeff Bonk, Don Junker; John Thomakos, Tim Cututrona, Chuck Underwood¸ Tommy Lepson ,and Jennifer Smith. If you get off on great, funky music, with amazing vocals, licks to die for, and freaking awesome drums, excuse me, I mean percussion. I am sure the release is available wherever you can get good and bad music. Thank you so much for the gift of this CD. The first cut knocks me out, and it just keeps getting better from there. The fact that this record is all covers, doesn’t alter my opinion of this record—these guys picked some great tunes. I imagine it was really fun laying down tracks for it. Phenomenal listen!

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