Monday, January 11, 2010

Jennifer Smith lends her polished voice and members of Naked Blue

Jennifer Smith not only brought her polished voice to Heroes and Legends but her whole band.

Mike Davis known not only for his thoughtful bass lines but also for his undesea adventures blends many of the pieces with his talented purposeful playing and chooses the right instrument for the right song, from fretless to fret full Mike plays the funk and the ballad with equal testimont.

John Thomakos has been their rythym maker through the years and wouldnt miss a project that the band advocates, his busy schedule from teacher to road smasher with Cirque di Soleil has made this a fortunate project.

Here's more on Naked Blue and the Smith team's initiatives.

Borrowing from the Americana tradition, but firmly grounded with a pleasing pop sensibility, the performing songwriter team, Jen and Scott Smith, and their band, Naked Blue, have become one of the most successful independent acts in the Mid-Atlantic. In May 2003 they celebrated their 5th CD release, Five by Five, which has sold thousands of copies to date. Paste Magazine says: "Naked Blue has that universal appeal musicians yearn for....will make you want to dance and cry.."Naked Blue has appeared on CNBC's 'After Hours' and numerous other AAA and community radio and tv programs in the U.S., Europe and U.K. Some highlights of the 2003 tour included shows from New York to Atlanta to Los Angeles at the Keswick Theater, The Forum, The Birchmere, The Rams Head Stage, Scottish Rite Auditorium, The Bitter End, The Avalon Theatre, The Rosebud, Eddies Attic, and Gengis Cohen. "Jen & Scott share the evening with their audience like old friends. No wonder reservations flooded in to sell out the show." Phil & Ilene White, Presenters, House in the Woods.Jen & Scott's songwriting credits include cuts on Evangeline's 'French Quarter Moon' Margaritaville/MCA, Troy Turner's latest single on Telarc Records and spots on The Young & the Restless, Brooklyn South, Jack & Jill, That's Life and the films The Girl Next Door, About Sarah, The Smokers and Second to Die.Awards include Washington Area Musician's Association Best Female vocalist in the Rock/Pop, Roots Rock and Contemporary Folk catagories as well as Music Monthy Magazines Best in Genre and Best Folk Group.
"With the release of their new CD, Five by Five, Naked Blue has established itself as a vital player on the folk-pop scene." Metro Beat

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