Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mike Davis Bassist


Bassist Mike Davis was raised outside of Chicago. His approach to bass was influenced initially by the gritty blues/rock oriented sounds of that area, which he brought out to Baltimore with him., Since relocating to Baltimore, Mike has been fortunate enough to play with some of the area’s best original-music bands, spanning the spectrum of metal, roots, R&B, and light jazz. Recording with these bands, Mike has appeared on more than a dozen releases, (Urban Funk, SaxMan & Friends, Naked Blue, Mutt, Common Bond, and others) some distributed internationally. Performances have featured numerous regional performances, tours of the entire East Coast and of Europe. These opportunities have included an opening spot for “Foreigner”, plus a featured spot on a national cable show. When not trying new approaches to music such as applying a fretless bass to metal music. Mike sometimes ventures out to sea to support ocean explorations conducted as part of his day gig. http://urbanfunkdc.com/band_bio

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