Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tommy Lepson Band at Blues Alley Wednesday December 1st 2010

I went to see the Tommy Lepson Band performance at Blues Alley last Wednesday evening.
Had a great time on a cold night, the band was cooking and the audience was receptive.
Ive been a fan since the old Columbia Station days and have always enjoyed Tommy’s singing, its now gotten to the level where the shows are just stunning. To para phrase Bill Bucks from Soul and Jazz and “In vocalist Tommy Lepson, they've found a real talent... no histrionics – just honest soul singing”. The Tommy Lepson band consisted of Gary Crocket, Mike Davis, Josh Howe, John Bell, and Wayne Sulc. Highly recommend. When Tommy sings Dr John, Neville Brothers, or Joe Cocker he channels the true spirit of the material without covering it, and it stops you in your tracks./

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